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Amco Veba has been designing and constructing articulating cranes since 1980. As a world renowned articulating truck crane manufacturer, Amco Veba takes great pride in their extensive Quality Control S system capabilities as well as their commitment to provide the highest level of product support. Amco Veba is one of the the few manufacturers that own their own hydraulic cylinders and metal working supplier. This affords them state of the art techniques in the manufacturing process. Amco Veba is an Italian leader in the production of truck cranes, offering a wide variety of models to meet your needs. New cranes as low as $6,000!
The New Eco-Friendly 100 Series
We are proud to announce that the 100 series is now complete. The project stared in 2006 with the design of the smallest model 103. Presented in 2007, the 103 immediately met with great market response (about 350 units sold by the end of the year). Today the 100 series crane includes 7 different models from 3tm - 21 tm class. The 100 series was designed to meet both the increasing demand for reliable cranes in emerging economies and the high requirements for light and compact machines, in mature markets. For more information 100 series

3T Technology

Compact - A new design and an inline boom have allowed us to produce a crane that is much more compact.

Light - The inline boom reduces the crane's weight. the use of special steel allows an excellent lift to weight ration. A lighter crane equates to a greater payload  on the vehicle.

Strong - A traditional boom is very stressed at the boom offset, so it must be heavily reinforced. Our inline design makes the torsional stress no longer a factor.

Modular - To allow the crane to fit a variety of chassis, we have added a sliding bracket for widths from 1' 6" to 3' 6".

Full line of truck and crane accessories including: customized products, stabilizers, tool boxes, straps, conveyors and more.
Over 6,000 parts in stock for most crane models, if we don't have it in stock, we can usually find it. Full Service Department with over 35 years of experience.
PROUD MEMBERS OF Certification of Crane Operators
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